• August 2016 – UX Testing for Beginners: Tools, tests and tricks for optimizing your site, WordCamp YVR.
  • May 2012 – Alternate paths to information: Enabling opportunistic discovery among novice searchers, Serendipity, Chance and Opportunity in Information Discovery (SCORE) workshop in Montreal, PQ.
  • November 2010 – Exploratory Search, seminar for Libr 558 (UBC)
  • May 2010 – Exploring Visual Representation in Document Surrogates, talk at the Connections 2010 conference
  • Mar 2010 – eInforming the Public research project overview, DiiG open house
  • Nov 2009 – Introduction to Grounded Theory, lecture for LIBR505 (UBC)
  • Oct 2009 – Defining perspectives on knowledge organization: from two kinds of power to sorting things out, presentation for Libr 610 (UBC)


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Professional Affiliations

  • Information Architecture Institute
  • International Society for Knowledge Organization