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Channel selection app

Case Study

Universal Channel Selection App

Goal: To allow new and existing customers to edit their TV channels digitally.

Context: As the previous channel selection app reached end of life, the TELUS Home Solutions and MyTELUS Web teams decided to collaborate on a new channel selection app. This app was initially integrated with the plan update feature for existing customers. Over the course of several months, it was expanded to cover rules for customers with older Optik TV plans and eventually also for use on the prospective customer site.

Role: leading content strategy and categorization, collaborating closely with designers and devs, and building out UX copy.

Approach: I took over an early version of the copy deck built for the pilot, and worked with designers and devs to built out different customer journeys, rightsizing scenarios, error states, content organization and taglines.

Deliverables included

  • public experience
  • acquisition experience (new customers)
  • tagline review
  • promo strategy
  • copy deck
  • category and order guidelines
  • management guidelines (in the form of a playbook)