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Bundle Builder

Case Study

Bundle Builder

Goal: to enable flexible multi-product purchases

Context: customers who have more than one product with TELUS not only spend more money with us but are also more likely to keep being customers. In launching a bundle builder, the home solutions unit looked at ways to help new customers buy multiple products at a time. We tested a variety of design and content models to arrive at the one that is live today.

Role: guiding content strategy, collaborating closely with product designers and the PO across a number of prototypes and iterations, writing UX copy

Approach: I collaborated with a number of designers around the page structure, card and modal content for each plan and to develop an optimized model for the sticky footer. Post-launch, I supported the addition of more products, built out an error and notification framework to support both in-app errors and the redirection of other flows to the bundle builder, and developed a framework for Deals messaging. I have also created a strategy to improve our approach to terms and conditions in the app.

Outcomes: An experience that converts over twice as well as our other acquisition flows while promoting multi-product purchases.

Deliverables included

  • copy decks for multiple versions
  • revisions based on user testing
  • error framework based on collab. with devs & UX
  • promotions guidelines & copy
  • promo copy for entry points
  • accessibility review & suggestions for improvement
  • legals strategy